Tinymail: an old school email forwarding service

Get your hands on an isolated email address and have it simply FWD'd to your real email address. Avoiding handing out your real email address can be helpful in thwarting spammers and ex lovers.

Other Services Endorsed by Tinymail

Ontario Services - Detailing several services and businesses covering the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario and the region just south of this, Including Norfolk County and Haldimand County.

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iPhone Screen Repair Service

Fixing and Repairing iPhone Screen for over 10 years

If you don't have an iPhone, chances are your close friend does. This ubiquitous phone is ever present in our lives, and as such is destined for mal treatment by the masses. If you've dropped or damaged your iPhone, bring it to us and we can repair it for generally less than the cost of an iPhone warranty program over the course of a year.

iPhone Screen Repair